Top 10 Troughing-Slider Conveyor Uses

When it comes to moving material from one location to another, there are plenty of solutions on the market, but one you need to look at is the E-ZLIFT Troughing-Slider Conveyor. This slider conveyor comes in many sizes and widths.

This unit is designed to handle any task you could ask for, from moving loose material like dirt to boxes and more. You can use this to move materials on a flat line as far as you want or at an incline of up to 30 degrees.

The PVC compound conveyor belt resists all oil and other corrosive elements from penetrating the belt to ensure a long-lasting belt life. The PVC compound belt-carrying idler-rollers minimize sludge build-up to their surface and utilize UHMW self-lubricating bearings so you can do more work and less maintenance.

The rubber top covered conveyor belt is suited for rough applications like handling dirt, rock, gravel, and small rubble.   The combination slider bed with center point load carrying steel Idler Rollers reduce material build-up inside of the conveyor frame and minimize down time for cleanout and maintenance.   The steel Idler Rollers have precision sealed bearings for long wear life.

We have listed the top 10 uses people are saving time and money by having our sliders do the task. No matter what size your business or projects are, we have a model that will suit your needs.

Here is the top 10 uses for a Troughing-Slider

1. Dirt - No matter if you are digging out a basement or going up a level or two, the Troughing-Slider is designed to handle your task and save on the labor and back-breaking work of moving buckets upon buckets of dirt up and out.

 2. Gravel - If you are pouring gravel into a yard or landscaped area, you know the dump truck can only go so far, but with the Troughing-Slider on your side, you can move gravel fast and easy. No more wheel barrels to move little by little. Line the slider in the direction you want the stone to travel and start loading. 

3. Sand - Sand might not seem too heavy, but a cubic yard of typical sand weighs just about 2700 pounds or 1.35 tons. Now imagine if you had to move 5-10 yards of sand. Also, imagine how much time and people you will need to place all that sand.

 4. Concrete - When you are breaking up concrete, and you have a ways to go to reach the dump truck, you can bust it out, put it on the conveyor right next to you, and you're done. The Troughing-Slider can carry it and dump it into the truck for you with easy.

 5. Coal - Coal typically weighs between 80 - 85 pounds per cubic foot. Often, the trucks can't get right where you want to dump the coal. In cases like this, it would be nice to have a Troughing-Slider that can point the coal in the direction you want.


 6. Firewood - When it comes to stuff like firewood or other wood types, you would want to use something like the Troughing-Slider to handle your work as some chunks of wood can weigh over a hundred pounds. There is no need to cut the wood down into smaller sizes with the slider so people can carry it. Just place it on the belt, and away it goes.

 7. Rolls - Work smarter, not harder, is the motto. Even with something as simple as rolls that might not weigh as much as you think, the problem is when you go up. If you have to go up 2-3 flights of stairs, it can get tiring very quickly.

 8. Roofing - For roofing companies who do repairs, there is no faster way to get all your material and supplies up to two to three stories faster than the Troughing Slider. Using this, you can expect to save hours of labor and wear and tear on the body. You can load anything from shingles, tar, tools, and more.

 9. Cartons - No matter if you are on an assembly line or a package sorting line, the Troughing-Slider works great to move your cartons down the pathway. Now your employees can be spaced out enough to do the job and pull the packages off at the right location as it travels down the beltway.

 10. Sludges and Industrial Application – Whether your application is handling dewatered sewer sludge, handling of water treatment filtration media, collection of sand-blasting grit, muck handling, the E-ZLIFT Troughing-Slider Conveyor is the best general utility conveyor on the market for the unanticipated and vast assortment of applications that come up in industrial application.


No matter what job you have, if you are responsible for moving material from one location to another and care about saving time and money and having fewer injuries on the job, you need to invest in a Troughing-Slider.

There are three main advantages to using a slider,

 1. Save Time - no more employees moving by buckets, stairs, or wheel barrels.

 2. Labor Cost - Fewer steps a person takes means fewer hours and less being paid in wages.

 3. Fewer Accidents - Every workplace wants to avoid Workman's comp claims, and the less lifting of heavy material your employees have to do, the better it will be for lowering the rate of accidents.

These units come from various sizes, ranging from 12 ft up to 36 ft. lengths and different belt widths. They can also overlap; for example, if you are going 60 feet, you can use one and then have the material push onto the 2nd to finish the journey.

Renting A Troughing-Slider

If you have a one-off project or don't feel you have enough projects to own one of these fantastic sliders, you can rent one for the day, week, or month.

Main features include:

  • Heavy-duty 2 ply rubber covered belt with 2" high cleats on 48" centers

 • Combination slider/roller bed

 • 7/8" O.D. high strength steel tubing for 12' & 16' models, 1-1/4" O.D. on 21' through 36' models

• 15" Frame height

 • Approximate 140 FPM belt speed

 • Conveyor belt take-up adjustments

 • Self-cleaning drive and idler belt pulleys

 • Drive mounted within conveyor frame at the discharge end

 • Custom Baldor electric motor with inline speed reducer for high torque efficiency

 • Roller chain and sprocket driven drive pulley

 • Operating, maintenance, and safety instructions