Multilift offers direct sales and rental of lightweight general utility conveyors for dirt, sand, rock, aggregate, boxes, and more. We also feature standard models for storage and industrial applications including tire, sludge, and coal handling. Contact us for more information!

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Popular Conveyor Models

General Utility Conveyors

Troughing Slider Conveyor

Troughing Slider Conveyor
Available for Rent

  • General purpose, wide troughed belt
  • For dirt, construction aggregate, concrete rubble, coal, and loose materials

Belt Bucket Conveyor
Available for Rent

  • General purpose, steep incline, narrow belt with sidewalls
  • For dirt, sand, gravel, and loose materials
Tire Warehousing

Floor to Floor Tire Conveyor

Tire Conveyor

  • Transfer passenger car and light truck tires at an incline, or vertically
  • 12' to 17' lengths ship within 5 business days
Sludge Applications

Troughing Roller Sludge Conveyor

Sludge Conveyor

  • Transfer materials in corrosive or humid environments
  • Ideal for extended duty applications
Roofing Materials

Towable Roofing Conveyor
Available for Rent

  • Move packaged and rolled materials up to 25 ft. high
  • Readily towable conveyor/carriage design
  • Height-adjustable and freestanding carriage system
  • For roofing shingles, tile, cinder block, and more