Spec sheets are printable pdfs.

Belt Bucket ConveyorThe Belt Bucket Conveyor (BB-050), in 12 ft. thru 36 ft. lengths, is designed to move loose materials, such as dirt, up steep inclines. It's compact frame fits into many basement windows.


BB-050 photo and spec sheet

TS_2The Troughing-Slider Conveyor (TS-050), in 12 ft. thru 36 ft. lengths and various belt widths, is E-ZLIFT's most versatile model. In addition to loose materials, the Troughing-Slider can handle boxes, bags, remodeling tearout such as sheetrock, small rubble, and just about anything that can be hand placed onto the belt, ideal for cascading one conveyor onto another to cover long distances.

TS-050 photo and spec sheet

Enclosed Drive - Troughing Slider ConveyorThe Troughing-Slider Enclosed Drive Conveyor (TS-050-ED) offers the same versatility as the Troughing-Slider model but features a protected drive unit that is mounted within the conveyor frame.  The enclosed drive design helps protect the motor, speed reducer, and on/off switch during conveyor transport and from jobsite debris.  Key features include a custom motor, high-efficiency inline speed reducer, and a chain-driven belt pulley.

TS-050-ED photo and spec sheet

The Troughing-Roller Sludge Conveyor (TRS-050) is ideal for corrosive or humid environments, and extended duty applications, such as the handling of dewatered sewer sludge.  Common installations include water treatment plants.  The belt conveyor design provides an advantage over screw conveyor designs when sticky, viscous materials are transferred.  The conveyor can be provided with a non-standard powder coat finish.

TRS-050 photo and spec sheet

RollerThe Troughing-Roller Conveyor (TRU-050) Utility Conveyor is designed for extended duty applications in dry environments.



TRU-050 photo and spec sheet

EZTThe E-ZMite Troughing Conveyor (E-Z T050), in 10 and 12 ft. lengths, is easy to set up and use, for moving loose or packaged materials, ideal for use through tight clearances, hard to access areas, or for cascading one conveyor onto another to cover long distances.

E-Z T050 photo and spec sheet

EZSThe E-ZMite Advantage Conveyor (EZ-ADV) is an 11 ft. long model that is ultra-portable and lightweight. It is ideal for moving loose materials through spaces with tight clearances, hard to access areas, or for cascading one conveyor onto another to cover long distances.

EZ-ADV photo and spec sheet

F2FThe Floor to Floor Conveyor (F2F-050) is designed to move warehouse inventory from one level to another. Common uses includes tires, boxes, and bags.


F2F-050 photo and spec sheet

CF-050-1The Chain & Flight Conveyor (C&F-050) is a hand portable conveyor with a revolving chain for quick delivery of roofing materials.


C&F-050 photo and spec sheet

BALE-050-1The Hay Bale Conveyor (BALE-050) will handle 16" high x 20" wide x 36" long bales.



BALE-050 photo and spec sheet

Bottom Dump Car UnloaderThe Bottom Dump Car Unloader (BDCU-050) is designed to unload dry loose materials from bottom dump railcars or belly dump trailers.


BDCU-050 photo and spec sheet

BB_2The Towable Elevating Carriage (TEC-050) is an adjustable height support mechanism to hold a conveyor in an elevated position during operation.

TEC-050 photo and spec sheet