Dirt – Aggregate – Concrete Rubble – Coal

Model: TS-050

Troughing Slider Conveyor

The Troughing-Slider Conveyor, in 12 ft. thru 36 ft. lengths and various belt widths, is E-ZLIFT’s most versatile model. In addition to loose materials, the Troughing-Slider can handle boxes, bags, remodeling tearout such as sheetrock, small rubble, and just about anything that can be hand-placed onto the belt. This model is ideal for covering long distances by cascading one conveyor onto another.

Application: Dirt, construction aggregate, concrete rubble, coal, and loose materials

Conveyor in Action:



Belt Bucket Conveyor

Model: BB-050

Belt Bucket ConveyorThe Belt Bucket Conveyor, in 12 ft. thru 36 ft. lengths, is designed to move loose materials such as dirt and gravel up steep inclines. Its compact frame fits into many basement windows.  Long distances can be covered by cascading one conveyor into another.

Application: Dirt, sand, gravel, and loose materials

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Conveyor in Action: