Conveyor Rentals Are Available For Your Project

Converter RentalConveyors are used to transport products and materials efficiently and safely on job sites; they also drastically improve productivity. Depending on the materials you need to transport, different conveyor models are available.

Because there are so many varieties of conveyors available at various price points and equipped with different features, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for your purposes. Conveyor rentals can prove beneficial for you.

Different Types of Belts

General Utility Conveyors

If you’re looking for a conveyor, renting one is an excellent place to start. This allows you to try a few to see what one will be the best suited for your needs long term. 

General utility conveyors can be used for multi-purposes to suit your needs. Two main types of general utility conveyors are Troughing Slider Conveyors and Belt Bucket Conveyors. These are also the most common conveyor rentals that are available. 

Troughing Slider Conveyors feature a wide-troughed belt, making them adaptable to different purposes. This is the most versatile model and can be used for almost anything that can be hand-placed on a belt. Troughing Slider Conveyors are most commonly used for dirt, concrete rubble, construction aggregate, coal, and other loose materials. 

Belt Bucket Conveyors are also used for general purposes, but they have a more narrow belt with sidewalls and a steeper incline. You can rent belt bucket conveyors for sand, gravel, dirt, or other loose materials. The compactness of these conveyors makes them able to fit into smaller spaces, including many basement windows. This is why these conveyors are particularly capable when used for basement excavation. 

Both Troughing Slider Conveyors and Belt Bucket Conveyors are easy to maintain, versatile, and can be combined to form a series that can cover longer distances. They are also lightweight and towable, making them portable and easy to transport. 

As the most common of the models, these general utility conveyors can be rented if you only need to use them for a short time or may need another type of conveyor rental in the future. 

Roofing Conveyors

Another conveyor rental that you may consider is a Towable Roofing Conveyor. These chain and flight conveyors can be used for roofing shingles and shakes while remaining very portable. Packaged and rolled materials can be moved to and from heights up to 25 ft, and the height of the conveyor is adjustable.

These roofing conveyors also feature a freestanding carriage system. The Towable Roofing Conveyor is highly durable yet lightweight, allowing it to be easily towed and easily set up by two people. 

Towable Roofing Conveyors work by using two chains that continuously lift materials up padded steel flights. They also feature wire rope, pulley mechanisms, and swivel casters that provide easy maneuverability.

These conveyors enhance job safety because they eliminate the need to move material up and down a ladder. Injuries are a significant risk when carrying heavy materials up ladders. Roofing conveyors reduce the risk of dangerous falls by safely transporting the materials.

Tire Conveyors

Tire Conveyor

Floor to Floor Tire Conveyors are designed to move tires up to inclines of 60degrees. Controls can be located at both ends of the conveyor to start, stop, or reverse the belt’s direction. Because tires are so heavy, tire conveyors make a difficult job much easier. 

Sludge Conveyors

Sludge conveyors can be used if you need to transport materials in corrosive or humid environments, including for dewatered sewage sludge. Water treatment plants often use these types of conveyors. Viscous and sticky materials do less well on screw conveyor designs, so the troughing-rolling sludge conveyor provides an advantage. These conveyors can also be given a powder coat finish. 

Renting Benefits

Conveyors can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t have that kind of capital or prefer to use it elsewhere, a conveyor rental may be a good option for you. Besides the cost savings, renting a conveyor instead of buying has other benefits.


Because there are so many different types of conveyors, a conveyor rental allows you the freedom and flexibility to try other kinds that may suit your needs better. You’re able to choose which model, width, and length of the conveyor that you want to rent.

If you scale your production, you can adjust easily from standard storage models to industrial applications or vice versa. 


Conveyors are heavy-duty, built from strong steel to last through years. If you don’t need conveyors for that long, renting conveyors instead of buying them can save you money. Even if you need conveyors for longer periods, extended rentals can still end up saving you money, especially if you need to switch to a different type of conveyor or if your conveyor stops working. 


Rentals can be done on a large-scale and for extended periods. Conveyor rentals are also available for your needs across the US and Canada.

Saves Time

Because conveyor rentals give you flexibility, you don’t need to spend time finding the perfect conveyor to buy. You can try a few different ones and learn from experience. Additionally, you can learn from other people’s experiences, as expert rental providers can point you in the right direction when it comes to the ideal conveyor. 


Specialized transport requirements or hazardous environments, including coal transport, can also be fulfilled with conveyor rentals. Renting from a company gives you the support to find the most effective conveyor for your needs. You also have the assurance that your rental will be functioning correctly, which means you don’t have to worry about servicing a broken conveyor that you own. 

Whether you are renting a conveyor or hoping to buy it, a quality conveyor can make your project much more manageable. Make sure to consider the material you are transporting and compare it to the cost, weight, quality, general process, power capacity, and industrial applications of the conveyors to find the right fit. 

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