Multilift offers direct sales and rental of conveyors for dirt, demolition tearout, tires, boxes, sludge, and many industrial applications.
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Popular Conveyor Models

Multipurpose Conveyors

Troughing Slider Conveyor

Troughing Slider Conveyor - Available for Rent

  • General purpose, wide troughed belt
  • For dirt, construction aggregate, concrete rubble, coal, and loose materials

Belt Bucket Conveyor - Available for Rent

  • General purpose, steep incline, narrow belt with sidewalls
  • For dirt, sand, gravel, and loose materials
Conveyors for Tire Warehousing

Floor to Floor Tire Conveyor

Tire Conveyor

  • Transport passenger car and light truck tires at an incline, or vertically
  • 12' to 17' lengths ship within 5 business days
Conveyors for Sludge Applications

Troughing Roller Sludge Conveyor

Sludge Conveyor

  • Transport materials in corrosive or humid environments
  • Ideal for extended duty applications