The Benefits of Portable Conveyors

Traditional forms of transportation can be cumbersome and heavy. Portable conveyors are a convenient option for businesses that need to transport loose materials or objects from one location to another.

These types of conveyors are lightweight so they are easy to store and can be used for a variety of applications. The wide range of belts available also adds flexibility in transporting different kinds of materials. 

Of course, the main advantage of using portable conveyors lies in their ability to be moved between locations. Their flexibility facilitates productivity, and their customizability makes them adaptable for your needs. They can be built to suit transportation on inclines, and they can accommodate curvature as well. 

Portable conveyors aren’t fixed in one location, so having them for your business can alleviate the high labor costs often associated with transporting equipment and materials. In addition to reducing costs, they also benefit businesses by providing flexibility in loading and unloading, especially in applications that involve level changes. 


When using bulky transportation methods, specialized personnel may be needed to operate the system. This increases the labor costs for a business and adds a layer of complexity to the transportation method. Portable conveyors don’t have these problems; they instead allow you to get work done with fewer employees and can lessen your employees’ workload. 

If the transportation system needs to be extended, fixed conveyor systems would be at a disadvantage because work would need to be stopped while the structure was upgraded. This reduces production efficiency. Portable conveyors greatly diminish this problem, as it is simple for sections to just be added in order to extend the range of the conveyor system. 

Portable conveyors also reduce the need for higher quantities of fixed transport equipment, further reducing costs. 


Moving products can be one of the most inefficient and time-consuming parts of a business. E-ZLIFT conveyors are made of aluminum, which is very lightweight, but still strong and durable enough to handle rugged environments. Because they are not heavy, these conveyors can be moved between places by only one or two people. 

The portability of these conveyors also makes them simple to assemble and take apart in a short period of time. This means less time will be spent on transportation, so more time can be spent on other areas of your business. 

As your business adapts to different conditions, you’ll need portable conveyors that will adapt with you. Lightweight conveyors are versatile, so you can choose to use just a few sections or extend the system by using many at a time. This makes it simple to work on different projects. 


Another key advantage that E-ZLIFT portable conveyors have is that they feature adaptable controls that allow users to alter the direction and speed of the belts. Increased speed can be used to help jobs get done more quickly, and lower speeds can be used for fragile objects or projects where timing is important. 

Multi-directional features also reduce the work that employees need to do when loading the conveyor and shifting between processes. Conveyors can be set to move in the direction that is needed without resetting the entire transportation system. 


Portable conveyors are not only lightweight; they’re also reliable and safe to use. The connecting frame of the conveyors can be adjusted, allowing time spent working to be shortened. Conveyor systems can be easily installed and bolster workplace safety through the use of safeguards, failsafe methods, and automation. 

The adaptability of these conveyors makes them more likely to be used for transporting materials across a wide range of applications, reducing the risk that a worker will be hurt because they were manually transporting material. Advanced safety features across the conveyor system prevent accidents and injuries in the work environment. 


Space costs money and detracts from other applications, so it’s not ideal for a business to take up lots of space with unused conveyors. Unlike larger conveyors, portable conveyors can be compactly stored when they are not in use. You can store E-ZLIFT conveyors on one cart, which makes storage easy. 

Something that is not often considered when evaluating transportation options is the need for mobility in conveyor equipment. Mobility can make projects much easier by reducing the time needed for setup and the staff needed to transport machinery from place to place. Our conveyors are easily set-up within minutes and the wheels make transitions convenient. 


Portable conveyors are used across a wide range of industries. In excavations, they can be used for moving, sand, gravel, or dirt indoors or outdoors. Inside of facilities, tight spaces that are hard to navigate can be better handled by having more portability.

Businesses that deal with packages can benefit from flexibility, particularly on loading docks and when working with large or bulky packages. Booster portable conveyors that are foldable work well for moving lighter and medium-weight packages. Portable conveyors known as mobile line shaft conveyors are commonly used in shipping and logistics industries because they can be adjusted for the number of packages that need to be moved. 

Because portable conveyors can be used in multiple locations, they are often used by delivery drivers and in grocery stores and warehouses. They have multiple applications in consumer industries as well, such as in supermarkets, shopping centers, and sushi restaurants. 


At E-ZLIFT Conveyors, our experts have been trusted with the conveyor needs of businesses for over 60 years. Whether your business is in the food, logistics, commercial, or another industry, E-ZLIFT Conveyors can help design a solution that provides you with a high-quality, durable conveyor. We can work with you to determine which conveyors will be most beneficial for your needs and install them for you. 

Our conveyors are built to last and designed with both safety and productivity in mind. For more information about our conveyor belts, contact us online or call (800) 821-9966 (toll-free)!