Dirt – Aggregate – Concrete Rubble – Coal

Understanding The Troughed Belt Sludge Conveyors

Model: TS-050

Troughing Slider Conveyor

The Troughing-Slider Conveyor, in 12 ft. thru 36 ft. lengths and various belt widths, is E-ZLIFT’s most versatile model. In addition to loose materials, the Troughing-Slider can handle boxes, bags, remodeling tearout such as sheetrock, small rubble, and just about anything that can be hand-placed onto the belt, ideal for cascading one conveyor onto another to cover long distances.

Optimum performance, compact profile, and competitive cost are the combined criteria that make the E-ZLIFT Sludge Conveyor the most ideal for Dewatered Sewer Sludge Handling Applications.

Troughed Belt Sludge Conveyor Advantages:

E-ZLIFT offers a uniquely designed troughing-idler-roller belt conveyor for streamline handling of dewatered sewer sludge.  The troughed belt effect keeps sludge materials centered on the conveyor belt. 

The PVC compound conveyor belt resists oil and other corrosive elements from penetrating the belt and ensures long belt life.  PVC compound belt-carrying idler-rollers minimize sludge build-up to their surface and utilize UHMW self-lubricating bearings for long hours of operation and life. 

E-ZLIFTs are compact in profile and frame dimensions and are ideal for the tightest of clearance restrictions.  E-ZLIFTs are constructed of steel tubing and are an open truss frame configuration for easy clean-out access and maintenance.

E-ZLIFTs up to 50 ft. long can be constructed as a single conveyor frame
and require minimal assembly at installation.  Sectional bolt-together
conveyor frames can be provided where required.  
Various accessories are available for specific applications, including wheels for job-site portability, radial stacking, variable speed, software interface, upgrades for continuous high-volume duty, drip pans, and powder coat finishes for the longest frame life.

Important as any other feature, E-ZLIFT Sludge Conveyors are competitively priced alternatives to stainless steel constructed systems.

For custom work, CAD approval drawings can be provided upon request.  

Application: Dirt, construction aggregate, concrete rubble, coal, and loose materials

Conveyor in Action:



Belt Bucket Conveyor

Model: BB-050

Belt Bucket ConveyorThe Belt Bucket Conveyor, in 12 ft. thru 36 ft. lengths, is designed to move loose materials, such as dirt, up steep inclines. Its compact frame fits into many basement windows.

Application: Dirt, sand, gravel, and loose materials

Conveyor in Action: