Towable Roofing Conveyor


Chain & Flight Towable Elevating Carriage

The Chain & Flight Towable Elevating Carriage (C&F-TEC) is an ultra-portable system for conveying packaged and rolled materials at steep inclines. The C&F-TEC is especially suited for rooftop delivery of materials at heights of up to 25 ft. The conveyor/carriage all-in-one system is easily towed and can be safely set up at any jobsite with minimum personnel.

The conveyor features two continuously revolving chains with padded steel flights for lifting materials such as roofing shingles, shakes, tile, underlayment, cinder block, and brick. The freestanding elevating carriage design eliminates the need for lifting heavy machinery and is easily maneuverable in all incline configurations.

  • Two continuously revolving chains with 4″ high padded steel flights
  • Towable elevating carriage with integrated hitch and detachable trailer lights
  • Brake hand winch, wire rope & pulley elevating mechanism with safety chain
  • Pneumatic trailer wheels and swivel casters for easy maneuverability
  • 115VAC electric motor


* Maximum conveyor discharge height at a 55 degree incline

** Minimum conveyor discharge end overhang from trailer wheels (varies with incline)

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Chain & Flight Towable Elevating Carriage Pricing:

ModelPrice (USD)
1-31 TEC$ 17,625

Financing available as low as $367/month!  Apply now!

Discounts for check and bank wire payment options.  

Conveyor in Action: